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Corfu to Albania ferry: Everything you need to know

If you’re planning a holiday to Corfu, but would like to get a taste of Albania, the best way to do this is with a day trip or overnight visit via the Corfu to Albania ferry. It is super easy to do and will allow you to explore the seaside town of Saranda, as well as neighbouring Ksamil and even the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint.

Corfu to Albania ferry: Important things to note

  • You need to take your passport when you travel between the two countries.
  • European citizens are free to travel to Albania from Corfu. Citizens of non-European countries need a residence permit of a country belonging to the Schengen zone or a multi-visa.
  • There is a one hour time difference between Corfu and Albania. Corfu is one hour ahead. This is important to note when returning from Albania if you have plans such as an onward flight or a dinner reservation in Corfu.
  • The best time to visit Albania is probably during the shoulder seasons of May and September. However, it is still lovely in the summer months, but just be prepared for crowds and heat!
  • The official currency in Albania is the Lek. However, most places also take Euros. But it’s worth double checking if you are in a small restaurant/shop before making a purchase.
  • You can definitely do the crossing from Corfu to Albania by yourself. However, if you would prefer someone else to do the planning for you, it’s easy to book tours like this one, which collects you from your hotel:

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How do you get from Corfu to Albania by ferry?

It is very easy to get from Corfu to Albania by ferry. The crossing from the Port of Corfu to the Port of Saranda in Albania takes between 30 and 75 minutes, depending on which kind of boat you choose.

Ionian Seaways offers crossings in a high speed hydrofoil, which takes 30 minutes or a passenger ferry boat, which takes 65 minutes. There are six departures in each direction every day, including weekends.

Finikas Lines also offers a number of different crossing options between Corfu and Saranda. These include a 30 minute high speed hydrofoil, a 45 minute high speed boat and a one hour and 15 minute car ferry, which you will need to book if you are planning on driving in Albania.

How much does a ferry ticket cost from Corfu to Albania?

Tickets cost between 19 to 30 Euros for a one-way adult ticket. If you’re travelling to Albania with kids, discounts are offered for children aged between 6 and 12 and infants aged 5 and under. Tickets can either be booked in advance online, which might be the best idea if you want a specific crossing during the peak season. Alternatively, you can buy them in person at either of the ports. 

Can you visit Ksamil in Albania from Corfu?

It is possible to visit Ksamil in Albania from Corfu. Ksamil is a beautiful town and has been dubbed “the Maldives of Albania”. So it’s easy to see why a beach holiday in Ksamil has become so popular in recent years. 

To get to Ksamil from the Port of Saranda you can either take a bus or a taxi. It’s actually only a 15 minute drive away, but the road can get quite busy in peak season. If you’re planning on driving yourself, make sure your hire car contract in Corfu allows you to do so, as driving in Albania can be quite different to driving in other countries.

If you decide to visit Ksamil from Corfu, I would recommend getting the earliest ferry crossing you can in order to beat the crowds. Ksamil is a popular destination with both European and Albanian tourists and does get very busy in the summer months. We visited Ksamil in June as part of our 10 day itinerary in Albania and while the beaches were quite quiet in the mornings, by the afternoons they were filling up. It also gets very hot, so don’t forget your suncream!

Ksamil island viewpoint
A little slice of heaven

Can you visit Butrint in Albania from Corfu?

If you get a chance to visit Butrint in Albania from Corfu, it’s definitely worth it. The UNESCO World Heritage site is just 25 minutes from Saranda and again, can be reached by bus or taxi.

Butrint is important because of its unique history. There is evidence that it has been occupied from as early as 50,000 BC right up to the 19th century AD. During that time it has been a Greek colony, a Roman city and a bishopric. 

Once again, if you are planning to visit, I would arrive as early as you can. Be warned that it gets very hot on site and there is no shop, so take plenty of water.

Roman theatre at Butrint, Albania
Exploring the Roman theatre at Butrint

I hope you’ve found this information about the Corfu to Albania ferry useful and I’d love to hear if you make the trip! You can also check out travelling in Albania: Everything you need to know before you go for more information on visiting the country.