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When is the best time to visit Albania?

Something I’m often asked is when is the best time to visit Albania? Like many countries in southern Europe, I think the best time to visit is actually in the shoulder seasons, so late spring or early autumn. The first time we travelled there at the end of June, but found that as we were visiting Albania with kids it was starting to get quite hot for them. The second time we visited we went in April and were actually quite lucky, as it was an unseasonably warm spring, so the thermals we had packed weren’t needed!

Ksamil island viewpoint
A little slice of heaven

When is the best time to visit Albania?

Personally, if an Albania 2024 holiday is on your travel wish-list, then I would say the best time to visit Albania is either May or September. During these months the weather is still nice and warm, but not unbearable. Plus, it is quieter than the very busy summers Albania is now starting to experience. 

Visiting Albania in March, April and May

Visiting Albania in March, April and May is a good option for people who don’t like to be too hot on their holidays. Personally, I would say May is the better month, when average temperatures hover around the mid 20Cs (68F). March, at around 15C (59F) and April at around 18C (64.4F) might be too cool if you’re all about the sunshine.

However visiting Albania in spring could be a good option if you’re more interested in exploring the historic city of Berat or the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint, which we found to be very hot in summer.

Just beware that early spring in Albania can still be quite rainy, so make sure you pack your waterproofs! 

Roman theatre at Butrint, Albania
Exploring the Roman theatre at Butrint

Visiting Albania in June, July and August

If you’re all about hot weather and laying on a sunny beach, June, July and August in Albania will be best for you. Summers in Albania are now very popular with many European visitors who love to chase the sun.

It’s worth noting that temperatures can get into the high 30Cs (86F) in July and August. Plus, internal travel is also very popular during this time. So if you’re planning a beach holiday in Ksamil, prepare for it to be busy.

We visited Albania at the end of June, when temperatures were in the high 20Cs (68F). We felt this was perfect beach weather, especially if you’re travelling in Albania with small children. However, this did mean that exploring historical cities like Berat and Gjirokaster were very hot.

If you’re planning on visiting Albania in summer, make sure you pack a wide brimmed sun hat and plenty of suncream! Plus, if you’re travelling with children, check out the best hacks to kids cool in a hot country.

I would also recommend double-checking beforehand that your hotel or apartment has aircon (not all do). Also, most restaurants we visited either used fans, or opened directly onto the beach. 

Butrint with kids = lots of time spent looking at terrapins

Visiting Albania in September and October

If you’re keen to avoid the crowds, visiting Albania in September or October may be a good bet. In September especially you can still expect temperatures in the high 20Cs (80F), although that does drop to the low 20Cs (68F) by October.

The benefits of visiting Albania in autumn is that most of the internal visitors will have finished their summer holidays so it will be quieter. This is also a good time of year to explore some of the cities and historic towns, before the rain arrives. Winters are very wet and quite cold in Albania, so probably not the best option for a holiday!

How many days should I spend in Albania?

Thinking about how many days to spend in Albania? I would say 10 days is a perfect amount of time to spend in Albania. It provides the chance to get a really great feel of the country and, if you’re willing to travel around, you can enjoy quite a varied trip, including historical sites and beaches. Here’s my recommended 10 day itinerary for south Albania. This is great, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, with some historical sites along the way. If you’d prefer to head for the mountains and lakes, check out my 10 day itinerary for north Albania.

If you’re planning on driving in Albania, make sure you feel confident on the roads and have your necessary documents to hand. However, if you have less time you could always base yourself in the capital of Tirana for a shorter stay and do day trips from there. Here’s a few options which look great:

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