Bundle bed review

A Bundle Bed review – The perfect camping companion

This Bundle Bed review is entirely my own views and opinions. I was gifted a Junior Bundle Bed for a review I wrote for a national newspaper, but there was no requirement to write anything for this blog. However, I have since used the Bundle Bed many times with my little adventurers and think it is a great option for camping and sleepovers.

One of the reasons I think people are often put off the idea of camping with children is the thought that it’s going to be uncomfortable for everyone involved! But I actually think camping with children is one of the easiest kinds of family holidays to take as, once you get used to the set up, it’s very laid back. We started camping with a baby when our first little adventurer was just a few months old.

Plus, I think there are now so many great products available to add a few creature comforts when you camp, so you definitely don’t have to ‘rough it’. The Bundle Bed falls into that category. While it may seem like a bit of a pricey option, the beauty of this self-contained bed is that it includes everything you need for a good night’s sleep. 

Bundle bed review

What is a Bundle Bed?

Let’s start this Bundle Bed review by explaining exactly what it is. As the name suggests, a Bundle Bed is a fully contained bed including a mattress, duvet and pillow. It can be rolled up so that it can easily be transported for camping trips or sleepovers. It is super easy to use, with a self-inflating mattress, which I really appreciate after years of using a foot pump to inflate our air mattress!

The Bundle Bed also includes a luxury duvet, pillow and cotton sheets. One of the other great things about it all being contained is that if you arrive somewhere late it’s really quick and easy to roll out and get into bed, without hunting around for separate sleeping bags and pillows. 

A Bundle Bed rolls up into a 60 x 30 x 30cm bundle and can be easily carried with a sturdy shoulder strap.

Is a Bundle Bed worth the money?

Is a Bundle Bed worth the money? is a good question. As I’ve mentioned, Bundle Beds aren’t cheap. They cost £295 for a Junior Bundle Bed, which can be used by children up to age 12. A Toddler Bundle Bed comes in at £350, including add-on bumpers to stop little ones rolling off in the night.

Adult Bundle Beds start at £315 for a Classic. However, I’m of the view that you get what you pay for and everything about the Bundle Bed feels very high quality.

Of course, I think like with any outdoor equipment, you have to think about how much you will use it. You also need to consider what you get for your money and what you would spend on an alternative option in order to decide if it is worth it for your family.

Personally, what I like about Bundle Beds is the high quality of the item. The mattress has a 10 year guarantee and the buckles used to secure the bed (which are usually the first things to break in products like this) have been tested to a tensile strength of 1.5 tonnes.

The duvet is 15 tog, so really warm and cosy and you’re not worrying about little ones getting cold in the night. While it feels super soft, it is actually made from recycled plastic bottles and the moisture wicking material stops you getting damp or humid at night. The jersey cotton sheets are also easy to strip off and wash after a trip.

I also really appreciate all of the little touches, like the fact that the pillow is buttoned on the mattress to stop it slipping down in the night.

I think that the high quality means that unlike cheap blow up mattresses it will last. I also know that in years to come, when we’ve finished with our Bundle Bed, it will still be in good enough condition to pass on to someone else.

In terms of packing, is is a little bulky at 60 x 30 x 30cm. However, as it contains everything you need in one, in does save taking a separate pillow, sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

Is a bundle bed warm enough for camping?

I think a Bundle Bed is a perfect addition to your camping set-up and is definitely warm enough. It comes with a 15 tog duvet, which can be buttoned onto the bottom of the mattress and tucked securely around the sides.

We have used it on many camping trips and have always been really pleased with the comfort and warmth of it.

How to set up a Bundle Bed

It is super easy to set up a Bundle Bed. Start by unclipping the metal clasps which hold it together and roll it out. Open the valve in the bottom corner of the mattress to allow it to inflate.

Bundle bed review

Unzip the waterproof outer layer of the bed and tuck it away. Plump up the pillow, shake out the duvet and close the valve. And that’s it, you’re ready for a good night’s sleep!

Bundle bed review

How to roll up a Bundle Bed

Make the bed by tucking in the duvet. Open the valve. Zip up the outer cover.

Bundle bed review

Roll up from the pillow end, pushing out the air from the mattress as you go. Clip the buckles and tighten the straps. That’s it, you’re done!

Bundle bed review

Pros of a Bundle Bed

  • Well made and long lasting design qualities
  • Very comfy mattress, duvet and pillow
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Extremely easy to set up and pack away
  • A choice of fun designs

Cons of a Bundle Bed

  • Expensive
  • Quite bulky to pack

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Bundle bed review