A year of adventures

Mr A and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. And it feels so weird to say that. How has it already been a year since that day, when we stood in front of all of our family and friends and agreed we were in it for the long-haul? Since we jumped into our car giggling away to ourselves and drove from the church to the reception with the roof down, even though it was freezing. Since we met our photographers on the Yorkshire Moors and ran through the heather pretending to be Cathy and Heathcliff. Since we made our speeches and fought over our wedding cakes (mine fruit, his cheese). Since we surprised everyone with the waltz we’d been planning for a year, and still managed to mess up on the night…


But it’s happened and we are one year on. We made it. We survived. We are officially into our second year of marriage. And neither of us drove the other one too crazy…

Looking back, it’s been a year of adventures, from our minimoon in San Sebastian to our honeymoon in Japan. There’s been lots of planning, travelling and new experiences, with one or two arguments along the way (let’s face it, nobody’s perfect). But mostly it’s been a year of laughter and love. Of an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Of the excitement I still haven’t quite been able to get used to of coming home every night to my husband.



We jokingly christened 2016 The Year of Adventure and we made it our mission to travel as much as we could around our full-time jobs – taking the 12 Trip Challenge has helped – as well as to go out more, to see our friends and family and to generally do all of the things which got put on hold when we were planning the wedding.

And it has been an amazing year so far. We took our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan and got to explore loads more of the UK with weekend visits to Belfast, Nottingham, Newcastle and Derbyshire. We’ve got lots more exciting trips booked in for the coming months too.

Some people say marriage doesn’t change anything. But for me it has. I like the certainty of it. I like that it’s made us feel closer than ever, that no matter what we’re in it together now. And most of all I like the fact that we’ve got a lifetime of adventures ahead of us.

Here’s to year two Mr A!

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