Blogging vs. the daily commute

I don’t know whether it’s just me but has anyone else noticed that travel blogging has suddenly got much more glamourous than it used to be? Gone are the days where you could just take a photo of yourself in a well-worn and frankly quite ridiculous outfit.


These days are long gone…

Now many of the photos you see on travel blogs are more akin to a fashion magazine and immediately make me want to go out and buy a large floppy hat so that I can dance through a field of flowers.


Aha! Now where did I put that hat?

I am also regularly made insanely jealous by the luxurious photos I see on Instagram of the places where people are uploading their blog posts from. Photos next to infinity swimming pools, overlooking pure white beaches, are bad enough, but now even the people blogging at home are putting up pictures of their laptops artistically arranged next to a fresh cup of coffee and a croissant in some cool cafe or other.


I should definitely start trying to remember my notepad!

As lovely as this all is (and I only wish my own experiences were the same) I am aware that lots of people, like me, fit blogging in around a full-time job and I am pretty sure that their experiences of blogging don’t always look that pretty. So I thought I’d share a bit about what it’s like when you blog around your job. (I should also explain from the outset that I love my job, I just sometimes wish there was more hours in the day!)

1. You write your blog posts on your mobile phone, with your head firmly nestled into a tall man’s armpit on your morning commute.

2. You set aside a rare hour to blog and then spend 55 minutes looking at everyone else’s blogs, comparing yourself and fretting that yours will never be as good. You realise you have five minutes left to write your post.

3. By the time it gets to packing at 1am the night before you go on your trip you are too tired to plan out photogenic outfits and you throw whatever is clean into a bag. You arrive at your destination with a t-shirt, three pairs of knickers and one shoe.

4. On the train home from work you find yourself agonising over whether you should grab an hour’s sleep or write that blog post you desperately need to upload. The sleep wins.

5. You promise yourself every Friday evening that you will definitely, definitely, update your blog. You then discover a mountain of other things you have been putting off until the weekend (you also remind yourself that you have the small matter of a wedding to plan – or is that just me?)

6. You know that no matter how much you moan about your blog, and no matter how much you fret about keeping it up to date, you would go absolutely mad without it.

Do you work and blog? What are your tips for keeping up with your posts?