Leaving on a jet plane...

Leaving on a jet plane…

So…the tickets are booked!

I don’t think the woman in the travel shop, who probably books these kinds of trips every day, shared my excitement, as she looked distinctly underwhelmed as I sat on the edge of my seat virtually shrieking as she confirmed the flights.

My 30b430 solo travelling adventure will begin on October 23 when I will leave the UK on my first flight to Peru. I’ll then have just over three months travelling overland through Bolivia and Argentina to Chile. From there I’ll fly to New Zealand and then Australia. Then I’ll be heading up to Thailand, where I’ll be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends Kate, before travelling overland to China.

And then to top off what will hopefully be an amazing year, I’ll be home just in time to watch the Olympics in London with my family.
Now that the tickets are booked, there really is no going back and suddenly it’s kick-started me into getting organised.
I have somewhat inexplicably been manically trying to finish things, as though I won’t be allowed to head off around the world unless I finish the jam in my fridge or use up the rest of my hair conditioner.
I’ve also become annoyingly sentimental about everything. I’ve turned into one of those people who keep saying “This is the last time I’ll ever…” The other day I saw a man walking down the street with a white rat on his shoulder and almost cried at how much I’m going to miss Brighton.
Where else am I going to find skateboarding dogs and a beach made of pebbles?