Thoughts on San Sebastian

San Sebastian was the break that we needed. It was a chance to reflect, to relax and to reminisce about a day which is already part of our history.

San Sebastian was lying on the beach for hours without feeling guilty about wedding planning or endless to-do lists.

San Sebastian beach

Enjoying the view

San Sebastian was moments of ridiculous happiness.

San Sebastian was getting used to the taste of the words “my husband” on my lips.

San Sebastian was food. So much food.  Pintxos every night. “Just one more won’t hurt.”

San Sebastian was our own little apartment right at the centre of the action in Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square)


A room with a view

San Sebastian was having curly hair for a week as Mr A managed to bring THREE of the wrong adapters (so no straightners for me!)

San Sebastian was walking part of the Camino de Santiago (St James’ Way) and bumping into pilgrims with their signature seashells hanging from their backpacks.

San Sebastian was meeting an 80-year-old lady who had walked 500 miles across France and whispering to each other: “Can we be that cool when we’re 80?”

San Sebastian was talking about our wedding day and trying to make the moments stick in our minds forever. “Do you remember when…”

San Sebastian was sitting on the beach and in bars, dreaming of the future, making plans for new adventures. Knowing that from now on, we’re in it together.

San Sebastian – our honeymoon – our mini-moon.