Ojo Caliente: Don't forget to whisper!

Ojo Caliente: Don’t forget to whisper!

The most important rule to remember at the hot springs of Ojo Caliente, near Santa Fe, is you must whisper.

You know this because there are signs, everywhere…




and in case you don’t notice the signs, there is a man who is employed especially to carry around his very own whisper sign.

Ojo Caliente

Whisper Man has obviously gone on a break

Aside from the fear of being told off if you raise your voice, Ojo Caliente is the perfect place to while away an afternoon.


Picture perfect

Based about an hour outside Santa Fe, the natural spring water pools are surrounded by towering mountains.


Each pool is a different temperature and contains one of four sulphur-free mineral waters: lithia, iron, soda or arsenic. Every mineral is said to help the body in a variety of ways, ranging from aiding the immune system to improving your skin.

My favourite place to soak was the mud pool, where you are encouraged to slather yourself in mud, before baking in the sun and washing it off.






Just don’t get in the pot!

With the gorgeous pool temperatures, the warm sun and – dare I say it – the quietness of the other guests, this really was the most relaxing afternoon of my entire US road trip.


Just remember to…


Entry into Ojo Caliente is $18.