Three cheers for the Kindle

Three cheers for the Kindle

I must admit, there are few things in life I love as much as travel. However, one of the things which does make it on to the list is reading. It’s one of the reasons why I set up the #travelbookclub – which combines my love of the two. I have always loved books and it’s hard to remember a time when I’ve been anywhere without one. Even when I trekked the Inca Trail and we were told only to take ‘essentials’, a sneaky book still managed to make it into my pack. On my first ever solo trip I didn’t want to get rid of any of the books I picked up along the way and ended up carrying eight around with me.


Yes, I did carry a book along the entire route of the Inca Trail

So when e-readers first came on to the market I was very against them. I felt like I spent enough time staring at a computer screen and I didn’t want to give up the pleasure of holding a book, turning its pages – even the smell of it!


Love a good book

But a few months ago I started a job up in London which means I have a daily train commute. Up until recently I’ve faithfully carried whatever I happen to be reading – even if it’s a hardback book – in my work bag. However, to make life a bit easier my sister bought me a Kindle for my birthday. Probably knowing that I’d be a bit wary of it, she added something which she knew I would love – a sausage dog cover (I am a tiny bit obsessed with these little guys!)

Crazy sausage dog lady (and no, I don't have one...)

Crazy sausage dog lady (and no, I don’t have one…)

So there it was; I became the owner of a Kindle. But I was still reluctant to use it, telling myself that I had other books I needed to read first so I continued to trudge back and forth with my paper copies. Until finally fate stepped in and I was forced to buy my first e-book for the #travelbookclub when I couldn’t find a hard copy of Finding George Orwell in Burma which we were due to discuss.

And do you know what? (I have to whisper this bit, but *kindles are actually great*) It’s super easy to download a book, plus loads of the classics I’ve been meaning to read for ages are totally free. Also, it can just slip into my handbag on the commute and it takes up hardly any room.


Definitely a space saver

And I know everyone who already owns an e-reader is shaking their head and thinking obviously and this is just like when I resisted getting a smart phone for ages and then when I finally got one I wondered how I’d ever lived without it – but what can I say? I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

That’s not to say that I’ve totally given up on books. I would still always choose to read a paperback at home rather than switching on my Kindle but I’ve just learnt the benefits of having something light to carry around with me.


The lightweight book

So will my Kindle ever replace my books? Never. But will it be coming with me on my next trip? For sure.

How do you feel about e-readers? Do you have one or do you prefer books?