Peter Storm Women’s Contour 3-in-1 jacket

The Friday Review – Peter Storm jacket from Millets

This week I’ve been reviewing the Peter Storm Women’s Contour 3-in-1 jacket and thought, where better place to test it out than on a blustery day at the beach?

I’d travelled home to Scarborough for the weekend for a friend’s wedding and whenever I go back I love going down to the beach as I have so many good memories of growing up here.


Wrapping up

Although the sun was shining, winter is well and truly here and it was pretty cold outside. So I opted to wear both the polyester fleece inner jacket and the 100% nylon waterproof outer jacket together for extra warmth. (They can also be worn separately.) I am a big fan of layering-up when I’m hiking and I’ll often end up carrying clothes I’ve had to take off as I’ve got warmer. So I love the fact that the two layers can be zipped together so that if you do get too warm you can just carry one jacket, rather than feeling like you’re weighed down by stuff.


Easy to use


Writing messages in the sand definitely warms you up! Here’s just the fleece

The jacket is also available in black and both layers have pockets to ensure that you can keep your belongings safe – the fleece has two and the waterproof has five, including secure inner pockets, an mp3 pocket and a map pocket. The waterproof also has a peaked hood, which can be tucked away when it’s not in use.

I wore the fleece over a long-sleeved t-shirt and, as it’s quite fitted, I could immediately feel it keeping in my body warmth. The outer jacket stopped the wind from coming in so I felt nice and cosy throughout our walk.


A trip down memory lane

Overall I was very pleased with the jacket. I felt like it was very practical, but still stylish. It definitely kept me warm and now I’m just waiting for a rainy day so it can keep me dry!


Chips were only for photographic purposes *obviously*

Thanks to for the jacket. All views are my own.