Craghoppers Miska Microfleece

Launch of The Friday Review – Craghoppers Microfleece from Millets

Today I’m starting something new on the blog called The Friday Review. Every so often I get asked to review products which I think other travellers will be interested in and I want to put them all in one place on my blog which is easy to find. Hopefully it’ll help when you’re packing for your own trip and trying to make those all important decisions about what to take and what to leave behind!


Does this count as packing light?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m packing I always have that battle between wanting to pack light and wanting to take loads of layers to make sure I’m warm. I am honestly the coldest person I know. I’m not sure whether it’s anything to do with the fact that I’m quite small or if it’s just because I’m a complete wimp, but I always seem to feel chilly. I’ve even been known to wear a cardigan on a beach in Spain because there was a slight breeze. So I live in absolute fear of being cold on my travels, especially when I’m doing activities like hiking or walking over glaciers.


Not the place you want to feel cold!

So when I came across the Craghoppers Miska Microfleece at Millets I was super excited as it claimed to be a combination of the two things I was looking for: lightweight and warm.

It’s available in a number of different colours and I was tempted to go for a really pale pink one, but the sensible voice in my head told me that would get dirty within two minutes on the road so instead I opted for the lilac one.


Practical but pretty

When it arrived I was pleased by how lightweight it is (it weighs 240g) so it’s going to be easy to roll up and pack in my big backpack, aka The Beast, or can be tucked away into a day pack without taking up too much room.


The Beast, which I have a love-hate relationship with

I also loved the softness of the fabric. In the info card which comes with it, Craghoppers says the synthetic fabric is designed to be as soft and warm as luxury wool. Another plus I can see is that it is going to be easy to handwash and will quickly dry when I’m on my travels, something else I always look for. It’s also really reasonable priced at £20.

It’s been absolutely freezing at home this week so I decided to put my fleece straight on to go out and do my Christmas shopping. I just wore it over a t-shirt and with my coat on top I was nice and cosy. It’s a half hour walk into town and I didn’t feel cold at all.

A big thank you to Millets for the fleece. All views are my own.