Reflections on a quiet year

Something happened the other day. I turned 31. Gulp. Can someone please tell me where the last year went?

I’ve already written a piece about the ups and downs of the year since I’ve been home so I won’t harp on about that again but my birthday really did get me thinking about how my life has changed since returning from my 30b430 trip.

I’d planned the last year of my 20s to be a big adventure and it really was. In the space of nine months I visited nine different countries, met hundreds of new people and had adventures I never dreamed were possible. So how could the first year of my 30s possibly compete?

As I thought back over the last year I realised that yes, it has been quieter and less hectic than my big trip was, but it has also been special in its own way. Most importantly, it has given me the chance to focus on the life I left behind. It’s given me the time to build on the relationship I began just two months before leaving on my 30b430 trip, it’s allowed me to spend more time with my family and friends who I missed so much while I was away and it’s encouraged me to explore the places closer to home that had often gone unnoticed before.

When I first got back from my trip I wrote a post about seeing my home town of Scarborough through a tourist’s eyes. Now, whenever I’m missing life on the road, I try to remember that and get out and see something new. In the last 12 months I’ve visited more new towns, places of historical interest and country parks in the UK than I had in years. Suddenly weekends are no longer filled with shopping trips (I know, what’s happened to me??) but with country walks and visits to museums. I’ve discovered a whole new world right on my doorstep.

So yes, it’s been a quieter, calmer year, which on paper may seem less exciting. But to me it has been just as rewarding, because sometimes you’ve just got to look for the adventure wherever you find yourself.