The launch of the #travelbookclub

The launch of the #travelbookclub

When you move away from a place there is always going to be stuff you miss. Mostly it’s your friends and family, occasionally it’s your job and sometimes it’s just the millions of other little things which made a place home.

Although I was very ready to take my 30b430 trip, I found it very hard to leave Brighton. I’d lived there for three and a half years and had gone through some very big changes in my life during that time. So it was really hard to say goodbye to the friends I had made and the places I loved.

One of the things I was really sad about was leaving my book club. It was once a month at the local library and it was essentially me and lots of older ladies who always used to ask me for a “young person’s view” of the book, which made me feel like I was 12 years old again. I absolutely loved it.

The great thing about a book club is that it encourages you to read something you might not have considered before and also to view what you’ve read in a different way. I’ve gone to a book club meeting absolutely hating a book and then left wanting to go home and re-read it because of the enthusiasm of others for it.

So the other day I was chatting with @vagabondbaker, @PegsontheLine and @JessicaRose_91 on Twitter (we’d already discovered a shared love of tea and cakes, so I knew they must be pretty good girls) when we hit upon the subject of books. As we discussed old bookshops and libraries I remembered how nice it is to talk about what you’ve read to other people.

Being in a somewhat transient position at the moment I don’t really feel able to commit to a new book club which meets at a fixed location, as I’m not sure where the next few months will take me. But I started to wonder whether it would be possible to set up some kind of group on Twitter.

I spoke to the others and they were also excited by the idea and so the #travelbookclub has been formed. The idea is that we will choose a travel book once a month, which we will read and discuss over Twitter. So kind of like a book club you can tap into from wherever you are in the world. We will follow the five question format and hope that further discussions will follow from there.