Coming Home…

So after nine months, nine countries and 29 things on a list, I’m heading home to do number 30 with my favourite people in the world. I’ll be updating the blog with stories about the last few things on my list once I’m back but I just wanted to write one final post before heading home and being overtaken by Olympic madness. 

At this moment it feels very difficult to sum up this trip and I’m looking forward to being at home and having the chance to look back and reflect on it, something which is sometimes difficult to do when you’re busy moving from one place to the next. Having spent the last few months in Asia it’s sometimes hard to believe that my trip began in South America, way back in October and in between I have also passed through New Zealand and Australia,
During that time I’ve climbed mountains; been diving in the sea and travelled on journeys which have lasted days. I’ve swam with dolphins, danced tangos and trekked to remote villages. I’ve been thrown off a horse, witnessed a rock fight and somehow ended up appearing in China’s equivalent of The Argus. Thanks to my friends I’ve jumped out of a plane, tried surfing and eaten bugs – things I would never have done without their suggestions.
Over the last nine months I have experienced new cultures and made myself understood in countries where I don’t speak a word of the language.  I’ve been happy, I’ve been sad, I’ve laughed so much that I’ve cried, I’ve been lost more times than I can count. There have been times when I’ve been scared and lonely but I have been continuously overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. I’ve listened to stories of hardship and heartbreak but I’ve also witnessed the resilience of human nature. I’ve had so, so, many amazing experiences and met so many brilliant people along the way. I have memories which will last a lifetime.
And now, after all of that, I’m ready to come home. I want to see my family and my friends; I want to eat fish and chips and Sunday roasts; I want to sleep in the same bed every night and I’m ready not to live out of a backpack for a while. As much as I love the whole backpacking thing I’m looking forward to not sharing a room with snorers and sleep talkers and people who think it’s acceptable to use a hair dryer at 6am.
 I ‘d also quite like to be able to walk into a room and not find boys underwear strung across it to dry.
I can’t wait to gossip with the girls, have a hot bath, eat cheese on toast, wear high heels and pick up the phone to call someone if I’m having a bad day. I’m also excited to see what will happen next and what new adventure life will take me on.
So to those of you I have met along the way, thank you for sharing in my journey and making the last year of my 20s so unforgettable. It’s been incredible. And to everyone at home who has supported, encouraged and loved me every step of the way, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Lots of love
Em xxx