C is for Cordoba (continuing on with the alphabet challenge)

I´m currently sat writing this blog in a cafe in a plaza, in the middle of a 40 degree heatwave, watching a lovely old man hand out sweets to every child that passes. (He´s also given me some – not sure whether he thinks this is because I fit into the ´child´ category.) Of all the places I´ve been to so far on this trip, Cordoba is the place which most reminds me of Brighton, the city I called home for the last three years.

With seven universities, Cordoba is student central and at the moment its full of graduates covering their friends in paint and flour as they celebrate finishing their courses. It is also an extremely arty city, with more than 20 museums and cultural centres. Dance, theatre and film are all big here and with Christmas just around the corner there always seems to be some event happening. The highlight of my time here so far was the weekend art market, when a band turned the road they were playing on into an impromptu dance floor as people took to the street to show off their moves.

But as much as I love it here, ´C´is also for Christmas and it´s been a difficult week in terms of missing my family and friends. Those of you who know me will be well aware that Christmas is my favourite time of year – I have been accused of going OTT with my enthusiasm for it in previous years – so being away from home for the festive season for the first time has definitely been hard.

Although there are decorations in the shops and I can see people doing last minute shopping (particularly men I must say, it seems its the same the world over), it´s not the same in the baking heat when you break into a sweat just walking down the street. Give me snowflakes any day.